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    Office Building

    Execution of topographical and geotechnical surveys, detail design of the building, which included all elements of the building, such as structural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical etc.
    Construction of three story office with total area of 900 sq.m. Works included earth works for foundation, installation of foundation slab, columns, beams and ceiling slab with r/c structures, hydro insulation of foundation and ceiling slab, arrangement of walls and partitions with various materials, their plastering and painting, installation of windows and doors, installation of water supply, sewerage and power networks, arrangement of bathrooms and toilets, arrangement of flooring, heating/ventilation/air conditioning, computer and phone networks, window jalousies, provision of office furniture. Pavement of 2,000 m2 yard with reinforced concrete.

    Project Details

    • Client Name: IDC Ltd
    • Work Type: Design, Construction, Survey
    • Start: October 2010
    • Completion: July 2012
    • Location: Georgia
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