IDC Ltd is committed to manage its activities so as to safeguard the health and safety of its employees and others around and to minimize the impact to the environment. All employees and contractors must understand HSE objectives and their individual responsibility to help achieve them and uphold Clients reputation.

    Our commitment is to:

    • Provide leadership, direction and commitment from Senior Management response level on HSE issues and performance.
    • Effective Risk Assessment and Management programs;
    • Encourage each project to achieve internationally certified HSE standards
    • Provide the financial and human resources to allow HSE issues to be identified, prioritized and effectively managed.
    • Provide open and equal communication internally and externally while encouraging employee consultation and involvement at all levels of the organization in meeting HSE objectives and targets.
    • Ensure individual competencies are achieved with regards to HSE matters through education, training and awareness at all levels in the organization, including creating an understanding of individual responsibilities for health and safety and the environment within each functional unit.
    • Encourage HSE team to periodically undertake external and internal assessments to identify the risks to health, safety and the environment from company operations and ensure that effective control measures are implemented.
    • Investigate HSE incidents to identify the root cause and implement effective controls to prevent recurrence.
    • Undertake regular HSE inspections and internal audits of operations and review performance to ensure continual improvement in HSE management systems.
    • Review KPIs against objectives set;
    • Consultations and cooperation with our clients, suppliers, companies with similar specifics, organizations and teams protecting public interests and with those who work with us – to increase our standards.

    Every person is authorized to stop the work if unsafe.

    Our HSE commitment is our highest priority and cannot be compromised.

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